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Meals at Home for You.
Flavorful, eclectic international food.

Our Food


Coming together and celebrating life's precious moments is what it's all about. So, where do you go to find amazing-tasting food, at a great price, that's good for you?  Here at Meals at Home for You Catering, we believe it shouldn't be so hard; that's why we're here to help!

 Whether it's an intimate gathering, a milestone birthday or a festive wedding, we have everything you need to make your event with loved ones easy and extraordinary. We invite you to return time and time again because it's truly nothing but the best!

Want to learn more about getting our delicious food on your table every week?  See below and visit our FAQ page.

Quality Ingredients

Fresh, exceptional  ingredients are our priority because we care about you and your family.

Balanced Meals

Eat well, knowing that with every bite you take, you're enjoying a healthy and complete meal.

Order On the Go

Busy life?  We get it. Take the convenience of our service with you and order from your phone when you're not home.

Doorstep Delivery

From our kitchen to your plate.  Just give us 24 hours, and your meal is there.

What's Cooking

Weekly Specials


Quinoa Fried Rice


Jerk Salmon

Rosemary Garlic Chicken_edited.jpg

Rosemary Garlic Chicken


Brown Sugar Flounder

Caribbean Stew Chicken_edited.jpg

Caribbean Stewed Chicken


Seasonal ingredients make the difference

We make high-quality, fully cooked meals with farm-fresh ingredients and no preservatives. Our passion is to bring you the same quality food that we would give to our own family.  That means partnering with local markets and sources year-round, giving us the ability to use only the freshest ingredients in everything we make for you.  And, the best part is that the meals are delivered directly to you!  Just give us 24 hours, and our food is yours.

IMG_7008 (3).jpg
Fresh veggies.jpg

Don't wait 'til you're hungry. 

Choose the meal that's right for you today.

The food we bring to you from our Meals at Home for You Delivery Service is convenient, appetizing and healthy. Check out our flavorful menu and get in touch with us to setup your delivery!

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